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Scans de la revue Byte Magazine


Articles parus dans la revue américaine Byte Magazine et traitant des calculatrices et ordinateurs de poche. Période de 1975 à 1985 environ.

The HP 65 - World's smallest computer system

The SR 52 : Another world's smallest

TI SR60 & HP 9825A

Hewlett Packard HP 91

The buried gold in the SR 52


SR 52 jeu de Nim

SR 52 - Write an application program

Texas Instruments TI 57 - 58 - 59

The HP 67 and HP 97

Commander in Chief a game for TI 58

Some random games TI 58/59

Eight calculating queens TI SR 56

Race car for TI SR 52

The power of the HP 67 Programmable Calculator Part 1

Digits TI SR 52

A binary guessing game HP 25

Digital circuit simulation TI 59

Mechanics simulation for HP 67/97

The power of the HP 67 Programmable Calculator Part 2

Extended Multiplication TI 58 - Calculator airborne navigation HP 25

Analysis of Polynomial functions with the TI 59

The periodic chart at your fingertips TI 59

Darth Vador's Force Battle for TI 59 - Prime numbers on HP 19C

The TRS 80 Pocket Computer

Computer in a case (HHC)

Numerical analysis for the TRS 80 Pocket Computer

A Pocket Computer ? Sizing up the HP 41C

Generating Bar Code in the Hewlett Packard format (HP 41C)

Hand Held Computers

Self modifying code for the TI 58/59

The HP 41C - A literate calculator ?

Hunt the Wumpus with your HP 41C

A Chessboard journey on the TI 59 Programmable Calculator

81 07 - Kalman Mileage Predictor Monitor (HP 67)

Four new products from Radio Shack (TRS PC-2)

The Epson HX-20

The Hewlett Packard Interface Loop - HP IL

Draw poker for TI 59

A new horizon for non vocal communication devices (HHC)

Getting the most from your TI Programmer

Deus ex machina of the technological age (HP 75)

Little big computer the TRS 80 Model 100

Nec PC-8201 Portable computer

Sunrise Systems

Developping a truly portable Visicalc (HP 75C)

Epson's HX 20 and TI CC 40

How to choose a portable

The HP 75 Portable computer

The Radio Shack TRS 80 Model 100

The Espon Geneva PX-8





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